Image above: Rainbow Flaut Trout Fused Glass flute© Courtesy of Larry Le Brane


Art lovers are in for a special treat with two fine art exhibits, Perspectives and Out on a Whim!

The two dimensional art exhibit, PERSPECTIVES, explores how perspective gives a three-dimensional feeling to a flat surface. Linier perspective creates the illusion of distance to a vanishing point. It’s a system of representing the way objects appear to get smaller and closer together, the farther away they are from the viewer. We see parallel lines as converging in the distance, although in reality they really don’t. Roads and railway lines are obvious examples. Multiple vanishing points such as a cityscapes, enable a more naturalistic representation.

Atmospheric or aerial perspective, creates the sense of distance by simulating changes affected by color such as blue in a mountain as it meets the sky.

This exhibit celebrates artistic expression in all media and its theme extends itself to anything that represents a variety of perspectives.

TowersOfBobble© Fused glass,stiletto knives,mirrors,leather,metal,found found objects by Larry Le Brane

Larry Le Brane’s exhibit “Out on a Whim,” with imaginative sculpture & functional fine craft will include whimsical & unique artwork with exaggerated stiletto footwear, Day-of-the-Dead sculpture, a car & fish, glasscapes & popular functional fine craft. His eclectic designs blend a love for manipulating unusual materials, found objects-such as musical instruments, fused glass, drawing, painting, & detailed craftsmanship with a street-wise & academic background.
People ask Larry, “why shoes?” He shared, “My stiletto creations are suggestive, provocative, curvy forms combined with themes that fulfill flights of footwear fantasies. It’s so fun to watch guests circle around the high heels, trying to figure out “what IS that, & WHAT was he thinking of!” One of my favorite reactions was a young kid who pointed at my shoe sculpture & asked, “Hey Mom, is that art?”
“Out On a Whim” will complement Art Center Morro Bay’s annual member showcase, “Perspectives.” Whether you’re eager to experience an exhibit in person, looking for home décor, or a one-of-a-kind gift, you’re in for a treat! This exhibit is free & open to the public. Art Center Morro Bay is open 12-4pm, Thur-Mon, & follows safety precautions as you comfortably view our art.
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ART SHOWN: Larry Le Brane’s “How Bad Do You Want the Cheese?” Fused glass, stiletto knives, found objects
WHEN: Sept 17-Nov 2, 2020, 12-4pm, Thur-Mon
WHERE: Art Center Morro Bay, 835 Main, Morro Bay CA 93442
CONTACT: 805.772.2504 or
COST: Free
NO RECEPTION: Sorry, canceled due to Covid-19 precautions