Ceramic Platter by Jennifer During

Clay Pottery by Jenny During


Art Center Morro Bay is proud to present, Broken Nature, April 8 – May 24, 2021.

While we grapple with a worldwide pandemic, the effects of global warming, drought, fire, climate change, divisions, hidden agendas, distorted realities, extinction and polluted oceans are all on the rise.

Will we find holistic approaches to leave behind an earth busting with life for our ancestors or one eerily devoid of activity? Can we mend the divides in our broken society or find strategies to unbreak the cycle to heal ourselves and the planet? Can we un-break and re-wild the nature and ourselves?

Art has the ability to communicate the complexities of socioeconomic, political and environmental issues in a way that is loud and unyielding in its resolve. This exhibit addresses consequences and the urgent need to live sustainably within the earth’s finite resources.

In celebration of Earth Day, April 22, 2021.

This exhibit celebrates artistic expression in all media to include textile, encaustic, mixed media, oil, watercolor, acrylic and photography.  This event is free and open to the public.  Art Center Morro Bay is open Thursday through Monday, 12pm – 4pm daily.

EVENT IMAGE Pachamama© Acrylic painting courtesy of  Barbara Sitar

WHAT:  Broken Nature

WHEN: April 8, 2021 – May 24, 2021

WHERE:  Art Center Morro Bay, 835 Main St, Morro Bay, CA 93442

CONTACT: 805-772-2504 or