Join Art Center Morro Bay for a fun and exciting lineup of Summer Children’s art classes!
Morro Bay Art Association is proud to present Mandy Covish, Elementary School Teacher for ongoing art classes designed to reach children between Kindergarten and 6th grades.
Mandy has taught primarily 2nd and 3rd grade levels in the Merced City School District and Clovis Unified School district. With her recent relocation to the Central Coast she is eager to begin teaching on the Central Coast. Mandy taught GATE students (Gifted and Talented Education) for seven years, emphasizing on the arts as a vehicle to promote higher thought processes. She worked as the Reading Intervention Teacher and successfully implemented a fluency and comprehension program through Read Naturally, Soar to Success, Seeing Stars utilizing appropriate leveled books for grades K-6.
In the “Meet the Masters” classes; each session will focus on one of the great art masters. (Dates of featured artist below).
Mandy will engage students with short videos and hands on learning.
During the first session featuring Pablo Picasso, K-2nd will make faces in the style of Picasso including Rose Period Painted Circles and Blue Period Collages. Children in third to six grade levels will make Picasso cardboard masks, Cubist Portraits with newspaper and Blue Period Guitars. Each session will feature a different artist with learning and activities illustrating their artistic style.
Parents must accompany K-2nd graders.
WHAT: Meet the Masters Children’s Art Classes
March 2nd: Pablo Picasso
March 3rd: Henri Matisse
March 9th: Wassily Kandinsky
May 25th: GeorgiaO’Keefe
October 12th: Andy Warhol
October 13th: Yayoi Kusama
November 2nd:: Vincent van Gogh
November 10th: Paul Klee
TIMES: K-2nd Graders 9am-12pm 3rd-6th Graders 1pm – 4pm
COST: $20.00 per session
WHERE: Art Center Morro Bay, Activities Room, 835 Main St, Morro Bay, CA 93442
Preregistration is required: Contact Art Center Morro Bay (805) 772-2504 or online:


Katrina Osborne is originally from Minnesota and resided on the Central Coast for 13 years.  Katrina taught art for two years at Templeton Elementary and during the last 12 years at Morro Bay High School including, design, drawing, painting, and ceramics.


Clay: Pinch Pot Creatures

Tuesday June 11th-  Clay: Pinch Pot Creatures

Students will receive an introduction to clay and how to make a pinch pot.  They will then learn sculpture and texture techniques to turn their pinch pot into a creative creature of their choosing.

(projects will be glazed June 27th class, and ready for pick up by August 1st class)

Exposed Coil Design

Thursday June 13th- Clay: Exposed Coil Designs (bowl or vase)

Students will learn a variety of coil design and building techniques, then will be guided through the process of constructing their own exposed coil pottery piece.

(morning students will use a plaster bowl mold to build off of, afternoon class can use a bowl mold or freehand build a vase)

(projects will be glazed June 27th class, and ready for pick up by August 1st class)


Impressed Textures on Slab

Tuesday June 18th- Clay: (vase/wall pocket/wall plaque, or plates)

Students will learn the slab method by rolling out flat sheets of clay with a rolling pin.  We will then experiment with creating a multitude of clay textures and images using both natural and man made objects that will be impressed into the clay surface.  Students will build a vase, hanging wall pocket, or wall plaque decorated with their choice impressions and textures.

(projects will be glazed June 27th class, and ready for pick up by August 1st class)


Painting Pots (Acrylic Paint on terracotta pots)

Thursday June 20th- Painting Pots (Acrylic Paint on terracotta pots)

Students will learn the basics of color theory and color mixing with paint and basic painting techniques.  We will study and review famous artists and styles of painting to inspire our own work completed on a functional terracotta pot!

(pots will need to be allowed dry time and sprayed with a protective finish. Ready for pick up by June 27th class)

*please wear play clothes as acrylic paint can stain.  We will be cautious but accidents can happen.

Intro to Watercolor Techniques

Tuesday June 25th- Intro to Watercolor Techniques

Students will learn an introduction to watercolor painting and basic techniques and process including wax resist, masking, gradients, wet on wet, wet on dry, and mixed media.  Students will be guided through a step by step process of each technique to create their own watercolor painting.

(Morning session will create an Under the Sea theme, Afternoon session will create a Fall Birchwood Scene)

Glazing Pottery

Thursday June 27th- Glazing Pottery

Students will learn specific tips and techniques for glazing ceramic projects created in the June 11th, 13th, and 18th classes.  Blank ceramic pieces will be available for students unable to attend those sessions.

(completed projects will be available for pick up by August 1st class)



Tuesday July 30th- Printmaking

Students will learn the process of printmaking, including developing a reverse image, creating the impressed image, inking, rolling, and printing.  Students will have the opportunity to turn their prints into greeting cards, Andy Warhol inspired posters, and more.

(some items may need to possibly be allowed dry time and can be picked up August 1st class)

Self Portraits

Thursday August 1st – Self Portraits

Students will use a variety of 2-D media crayon, marker, pencil, colored pencil, watercolor etc. to create a self portrait. They will be guided through a step by step process of drawing each feature while discussing proportion and placement.  We will be reviewing various styles of artists self portraits to inspire creativity and self expression in their own portrait.


6-8yrs 9am-12pm

9-13yrs 1pm – 4pm

WHAT: Children’s Summer Art, Clay, watercolor, glazing pottery, printmaking, self portraiture

WHERE: Art Center Morro Bay, Activities Room, 835 Main St, Morro Bay, CA 93442

Preregistration is required: Contact Art Center Morro Bay (805) 772-2504

COST: $20.00 per session

WHEN: Tuesdays and Thursdays, June 11 through August 1, 2019

TIME:  6-8yrs 9am-12pm, 9-13yrs 1pm – 4pm