Gallery Entry Form

Member Gallery of Morro Bay Art Association, a non-profit 501c3 Corporation
835 Main Street – Morro Bay, CA 93442 805-772-2504

Gallery Show Entry Form

ARTIST: ____________________________________________ PHONE: ________________ Last Name First Name CELL: __________________

ADDRESS: __________________________________________ ____________________________________________ SHOW: ________________

Entry Fees : (MBAA Member fees are listed below; non-member fees will be doubled) WALL-HUNG ART: $5.00 fee for each piece of wall-hung art.


$3.00 fee for each piece of portfolio art entered in each show. Portfolio art limited to 5 pieces.
$3.00 for 10 cards or fewer.
$5 each set or group of 5 pieces.

POTTERY, SCULTURE, and GLASS: $3.00 each

Entry Policies:

Quantity of pieces accepted depends on available space.

All entries must remain in the gallery for the duration of the show, unless the show is non-juried and a piece is sold. If an entry is sold and removed from the gallery before the close of the show, the artist may replace it with a similar piece at no additional charge. Six (6) months must elapse before any size wall-hung piece may be entered again. Replacement information for any item sold must be added on back of current form. Space limitations may prevent acceptance of some items.

For quantity of pieces & other information, please refer to Gallery Hanging Policy form.
All unsold art must be picked up on scheduled “Take Out” day(s). Failure to pick up on that day will result in a penalty of $5.00/day, up to 30 days. Art not picked up within 30 days will be considered abandoned.

Will you sell on a contract of 1/3 down with two (2) weeks to purchase? YES ___ NO ___

Reasonable care will be taken of all articles. However, Morro Bay Art Association – Art Center Morro Bay, its Agents or Representatives shall not be liable for any errors, claims, loss, theft, or damage of any kind whatsoever to any exhibit or frame while in the gallery.
Authority to exhibit or arrange for sale of same and the keep 25% commission of fees collected is hereby given.

Statement of Originality

I certify that the work submitted is entirely original, created by me, and not a copy of someone else’s artwork or photo or a book or magazine, etc., without permission (unless public domain). (Giclées or other copies of your original work may only be displayed as portfolio pieces or cards.)

ARTIST SIGNATURE: _______________________________ GALLERY REP: ________

Fill in only at removal

ARTIST SIGNATURE: __________________________ DATE: ______ GALLERY REP: _______ 10-2016

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