2018 Scholarships awarded to Morro Bay High students

Dionne Gregorio – $750 Jackie Morello Scholarship

Julia Skye Lay – $560 Diane Poore  Scholarship

Shane Blanchard – $500 Ruth McDermott Scholarship

2019 Scholarships Awarded to Morro Bay High School Students

A huge THANK YOU to Mr. Dirkse and family of Anna Unkavich and Art Central for their generous time and effort to raise and donate $1,364.25 which has been presented to the following students:

Alayna Nichols – $500.  Anna Unkavich & MBAA Scholarship

Hannah Lykes – $500. Anna Unkavich & MBAA Scholarship

Jacob Furbee – $500. Anna Unkavich & MBAA Scholarship

Zoe Linstrom – $500. Anna Unkavich & MBAA Scholarship