2018 Scholarships awarded to Morro Bay High students

Dionne Gregorio – $750 Jackie Morello Scholarship

Julia Skye Lay – $560 Diane Poore  Scholarship

Shane Blanchard – $500 Ruth McDermott Scholarship

2019 Scholarships Awarded to Morro Bay High School Students

A huge THANK YOU to Mr. Dirkse and family of Anna Unkavich and Art Central for their generous time and effort to raise and donate $1,364.25 which has been presented to the following students:

Alayna Nichols – $500.  Anna Unkavich & MBAA Scholarship

Hannah Lykes – $500. Anna Unkavich & MBAA Scholarship

Jacob Furbee – $500. Anna Unkavich & MBAA Scholarship

Zoe Linstrom – $500. Anna Unkavich & MBAA Scholarship


2020 Scholarships Awarded to Morro Bay High School Students


Many thanks to the generosity of ART CENTRAL and fellow artists, Gisella Wilson and Mari O’Brien.  Due to their efforts, students from Atascadero and San Luis Obispo High Schools were included in art scholarships awarded by Morro Bay Art Association.

Donations poured in from several generous people, forming this year’s “Larry Knapp Art Scholarship Awards”. Two very generous awards given to the Cuesta College Foundation, will make a positive impact on deserving students during the 2020-21 semesters.

We are proud to announce that a total of $8,500 has been awarded to 2020 art scholarship recipients.

Congratulations to these hard-working young artists!!

Atascadero High: 
Tamara Castro – $500 – Art Central & MBAA
Alexander Zavala – $500 – Art Central & MBAA

San Luis Obispo High: 
Erin O’Neil – $500 – Art Central & MBAA
Thea Ragsdale – $500 – Art Central & MBAA

Morro Bay High: 
Nel Anthony Aurelio Aldea – $500 – MBAA
Justin Brian Castillo – $500 – MBAA
Faye Vavra – $500 – MBAA
Sarah Weston – $500 – MBAA

Cuesta College:

Two students received $2,250. each.  Students to be announced. – Larry Knapp Scholarship Fund