2017 Scholarships presented to three deserving Morro Bay High students

Emile McKenna Lopez. Emile is awarded a $750 cash scholarship. She started her art career making pipe cleaner animals and grew from there. She has had her work exhibited at Art Center Morro Bay. She studies art history and will be attending college in the fall. Her preferred medium was pencil. Since discovering how fun it is to mix color, she now works mostly in watercolor and gouache.

Juliana Ruef. Juliana is awarded a $500 cash scholarship. She loves art because her class schedule is filled with left brain classes like physics, calculus and economics, but when making art, there is never a wrong answer. Juliana hopes to attend U.C. Berkeley to study biomedical engineering and Spanish, and her goal is a career in the prosthetics field serving the Hispanic community. Her preferred mediums are paper and clay.

Amber Janzen. Amber is awarded a $500 cash scholarship. After growing up in a succession of unhealthy foster homes, Amber finally found a loving, caring family during her high school years. She says she is trying to pick up and move on with life by getting to a good college and working hard so that she never has to go back to how life was. Her career goal is to be an American Sign Language interpreter. Amber discovered art as a way to process her complicated situation, but her pieces have since become an individual achievement that she can call her own. She’d like to pursue a career as a tattoo artist or a police sketch artist. Her preferred mediums are pencil and watercolor.